Monday, February 1, 2010

Wreck this Journal

So on Friday in Creative Writing Mrs. C gave us our Wreck the Journals*. Everyone was stoked out of their minds n we started doing it right away.  I did some of it over the weekend too.

Well we got to Creative Writing today and I asked her if we were going to do the WTJ in a certain format or she was just turning us lose on it. She told the class that basically we could do whatever we wanted with it. She wasn't going to use it as a lesson/she wasn't taking a grade or collecting it. And she told us that it really has nothing to do with creative writing and I kind of agree with her you don't have to write anything but i mean u could at least take a participation grade or something. Mrs. E the last Creative Writing/College Reading teacher used it very well and everyone loved it. We even suggested Mrs. C talk to Mrs. E and see exactly what she did etc. But she said shes not and basically shes doing nothing with the journal's she just gave them to us. Most of the kids in my class were looking forward to them all year and doing activities etc. Oh well. I still think its a shame/waste of time.
Needless to say just about everyone is mad at Mrs. C
-Kevin even Ripped his book in 2 and threw it away - intense.

* Wreck This Journal -