Thursday, March 11, 2010


Tonight I watched Precious on pay per view and I have to say, it was pretty intense. All of the things that happened to that girl is pretty overwhelming. I thought the movie was packed full of emotion, but yet I didnt cry. Its one of those movies where its sad and shocking etc all at the same time and youre just like wowed and impacted.

Its the story of this teenage, overweight,  and pregnant black girl who lives in Harlem. She basically feels like shes nothing and never will be becase of her Mom and Dads abuse etc. Which by the way Mo'nique did an AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING SPECTACULAR JOB. She deserved every bit of that Oscar. Her character was scary, and mean but at the end you could kind of see where she was coming. I think that the whole dynamics of that character would be hard to do. Its just so intense. Anyway Precious gets kicked out of school because shes pregnant with her 2nd child. The principal recommends her to go to a specialized type school. She goes there and shes pretty much totally illiterate. Its so bad. Well the teacher there helps her etc and she has the baby and it all flies from there. (not gonna give it all away)
I really have to say though. The last scenes are definately INTENSE. When it all comes out with her mom. WOWZERS!

So yeah i definately recommend this. Its very moving. VERY INTENSE.
I dont think its a movie you can watch over and over though.
It makes me really want to read the novel this is based on.

A word of caution though - they use STRONG language so if youre not comfy with that then I would get a TV guardian or something to watch this with.

For a MUCH better synopsis than mine
(contains spoilers)