Thursday, March 11, 2010

Whip It!

This movie actually suprised me. I didnt really think it would amount to much but it really exceeded my expectations.

This is a movie typical of Ellen Paige. Its packed with sarcasm and whitty humor(which I loved) but it also had a strong message for younger people: be who you want to be
and parents: your kids arent you etc (children arent coloring books. you dont get to fill them with your favorite colors (FROM THE KITE RUNNER))

All in all this was a pretty good movie. It was funny AND had substance and you could watch this movie and take something away.
There were also alot of semi big stars in this which really made me happy! Including Jimmy Fallon :)

This was directed by Drew Berrymoore which when I saw that I was a lil shocked because I didnt know she directed at all (this is her first movie) and that she actually did a good job with it. I didnt quite see her as a director but I think her vision and quirkiness really played a part in this movie. Oh and shes also actually in the movie as well, which is an added bonus.

For a nice lil synopsis from the pro's: