Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sunny Tuesday!!

Today was a pretty good day. Some drama kinda of went down after English and I was a lil annoyed. It all got straightened out though. haha. Always the drama. Bleh.

I started my skull drawing in art. Actually I started it yesterday but Im telling you about it now. haha. We have to draw a skull of an animal. Mr. E gave us each one to draw and shade. Its supposed to help us with our shading skill because its mostly a shading job. Im not really into it though. Id rather work on my mask but I cant because he ran out of paper mache. Hes gonna get more later though just not right now.

In College Reading were actually getting ready to start this assignment that sounds pretty good. Im kinda of excited to see for sure what it entails.

I also started A Thousand Splendid Suns today. We read The Kite Runner in College Reading and this is the next novel by the same author. The Kite Runner is a REALLY good book. We hit it pretty hard in CR and it got a little old but still its a great book. Im very excited about reading this one too. I didnt really get a good start though; i just read the first 2 chapters.
Taryn said its a really good book so I have high hopes.

Its such a nice day today. Its all nice n warm n sunny! I think im gonna go outside in a few. I might play with the kitties haha. I love them. Yes I'm definately breaking out the flip flops today! Well I hope everyone gets out there n enjoys this beautiful day! I know I will!!

-PS. I am still on the job hunt (filled out n sent in a ton more apps friday) so if u know of anything please let me know!!!!!