Thursday, May 20, 2010


 Today i felt so good, like the best Ive been in a LONG time. I went to take a late nap yesterday at like 6 and I ended up sleeping till 6am thismorning. My parents said i was sleeping like a log so they just left me alone. I got up at 6am n took a shower n went back to bed till 7am. and let me tell you. i felt amazing when i got up n all day afterward. I just feel so rested n energized. I needed that 12 hr nap. Ive been so busy lately its been going to bed late n getting up early even on the weekends. So yeah today was great. It was so funny because I washed my hair at 6am n i didn't dry it i just wrapped a towel around it n lay ed back down so i was laying with my towel on my head. ha ha. My dad asked me what I was doing with that on my head. ha

We also had Amish Doughnuts n coffee/milk in Art because Mr. E made a bet with us at the Student vs. Teacher Basketball game that if the students win he would get us doughnuts n stuff n if teachers won we'd get him a dinner. we won. YES ha ha

So yeah all in all was a really really good day.
Battle of the Bands tomorrow!!!


Sara said...

i don't think i would call sleeping for 12 hrs a nap.haha

hanner_da_nanner said...

haha i intended it to be one. didnt really work out.