Monday, June 14, 2010

The Lovely Bones: Book Review

So Emily let me borrow this book a few weeks ago and I finished it last week.
The book was alright. It was very strange but in a good way.
I thought it went on a lil long though, like I saw a number of places where the book should have ended but didn't(it would have had kind of unhappy endings but that was what i expected haha)
All in all it was an alright book. I don't think Id go out n buy it or anything.
The thing I really liked about it though was the authors idea of heaven, and i also liked the way she writes. It reminded me of To Kill a Mockingbird. It seems to have the same writing style.
Another thing I liked is how it shows the grief, like if your daughter was really murdered and chopped up etc how would that effect you and your family.
It shows how stuff like that can raw the soul, and though that's very messy its also very true and real.
The book also did a really good job of showing the mind of a killer. The main character girl is killed by a serial killer and chopped up into lil pieces. You get to follow this guy and see all the way back to his childhood and his issues involving his mom that semi starts everything. You come to almost (ALMOST) understand the guy and the way he is. All the sudden hes not just a heartless killer but a wounded person.
Anyway. It was an good book. I dont think Id want to read it over and over again though.

(The author also has 2 other books out called Lucky and The Almost Moon. I really want to read both of them. Lucky is a memoir about the authors rape in college and the after effects and The Almost Moon is about a girl who kills her mom.)