Friday, June 18, 2010

The Lovely Bones: Movie Review

Let me just say, I reeeeeaaallllyyy didnt like this movie. I think Im a little bit prejudice because I read the book, but thats ok. haha.
Anyway, for starters they changed ALOT from the book; which made me sad. Another thing was I thought they picked weird actors for most of the characters. For example, I cant take Mark Wahlberg seriously as Susies dad because honestly, he doesnt look that old and plus he has the same hair, etc as he did on Boogie Nights. So yeah I definately didnt like MW as her Dad.
Another weird fit was the Tucci guy as Susies killer. He did a good job trying to be creepy, and a killer etc. His acting was really good. It just wasnt who I pictured for the part,you know. (again, I think this is because I read the book first)
Plus the scenes of her in "heaven" or the in between are kinda weird.
Really, I think Im just biased; but beyond all that the directing was good. It was more of an artsy movie, not a WHOLE lot of action or anything. Its pretty slow moving, and alot of things are implied. so you'll just have to watch it n see for yourself :)


Terese said...

Wow... you sound so professional... like you're a natural critic from Hollywood or something! Cool...