Friday, June 18, 2010


Heres a little update on some changes Im making around here...

1. Ads
-I got my adsense account working again so there will be adds on my blog. I promise it wont overload you though. haha

2. Famous Person Friday
- I got a lil bored with just the regular pictures so I added FPF. I might correlate quotes to go with the people or add stats to the famous people; i dont know yet, its just in trial.

3. Pages
-If you look on the top of the blog you'll now see a "contact me" and a "about me" page. Yeah, I added those.

4. Pretty Cool Blogs
-I added a Blogroll to the sidebar. It contains other blogs that I think are pretty cool.

But yeah thats it for now. I just wanted to alert you on the few changes Im making.

Thanks for reading!