Monday, June 14, 2010

The Road

I watched this movie last night. It was pretty good. It was a little creepy and all but i mean its about post apocalyptic earth. Not everything is gonna be nice. haha.
Some scenes in this were VERY shocking but very real of what could happen if we are the only ones left(humans) and the earth is dying.

This movie is basically about this man and his son living in post apocalyptic earth. They are traveling their way down to the coast in hopes of  finding food, safety, etc. They struggle to stay good and "carry the fire".
They run into alot of different people(even cannibals), and dangers on the way. They have to learn to survive by any means possible even if it means killing and doing things that "bad people" do.
This is a very sad, raw story.
People all around them lose their humanity and basically become like animals; but think about it, what would you do to survive?
Like I said its very raw and very powerful. Definitely not a fluff movie.
Its based on a novel by the same name. I want to read it now.

PS. VERY good jobs on the makeup and the directing. Very good shots of a dying earth etc. VERY good, emotional acting(especially on the part of Viggo Mortensen).


Candy said...

Sounds interesting, Greg likes this type of movie. May have to try it.