Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lake Alma Photos: The Outtakes

So this time I saved back some... interesting pics from Sara's photoshoot at the lake. We really had fun and it was good practice for me. Enjoy

Only you can prevent forest fires!

Sara makes a ton of different faces to make herself n me laugh.
I believe this is called Blue Steel

Getn Crazy

Gettin her model on.

A momma duck and her babies came over to say hi

She wanted to do that so bad

Pointing twards the weird people behind us. They said not to go on the dock because there were bees n stuff. We were like, ok but we went over anyway. All the "bees" were really just dragonflies. What babies. They were also like staring at us for a long time. which was odd. Oh n when we first came there they were all out in the deep water like making out. It was pretty gross.

Ok Ill post the good pics on here tomorrow. Its almost 4am so I really dont have time tonight. haha.