Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lake Alma Photoshoot

So this morning we headed out to Lake Alma (not at 10am like we planned since Sara woke up late because she had a rough night of nosebleeds and being cold, which is a story for another time...) and I practiced some more portraits with Sara. I'm ok with how these turned out. I like them pretty well.
After we got back from Lake Alma n had lunch we decided to head over to Terese's again and just shoot the breeze ya know. So we called her n she said YEAH! Come on over! so we did and we had a very nice time. We ended up staying for some mighty tasty hamburgers courtesy of Francisco and we just had a good time. Terese has the best stories. If anyone sees her, you should ask her about her valentines day roses. haha. hilarious.
All in all it was a pretty good day. Its always nice to just hang out with people and take pictures.

(Pics from Lake Alma coming soon!)
Francisco grillin on his lil grill.