Saturday, July 24, 2010

Relatives, Taco's, Weddings, & Applebees

Today my Moms niece Julie came into town. She and my Aunt Carma went to have lunch with her and her mom. I couldn't go because I had to take pictures at the Seasoned Saints Taco & a Movie lunch. My Mom said she had a fun time with Linda Lee and Julie. She said they were just talking and laughing for like 2 hours. Apparently they're as much fun as I remember! 
And I had a really fun time with the Seasoned Saints too. We watched Facing the Giants. I had already seen it when we had a youth thing a couple years ago but it still made me tear up. As for everyone else... there was barely a dry eye in the place. And the Taco's were fantastic.
We had a good time.
Also today: Mandy and Sam tied the knot. I wasn't really there for the wedding but I still got to see some of the ceremony and stuff. They are SO cute together.
Ah love.
Plus I have to say, I loved their bubble favors. They had a lil bride n groom on the lid
It made me smile.
On a more negative note about today: It is BLAZZZZZING HOT. Extreme heat puts a damper on just about everything. Thank God for AC!!!
Now were getting ready to leave in a lil bit to go to Chilli and get some Applebees for Nathans Birthday(late) Dinner. He's pretty excited about it. Ill probably post pics on that later.

Anyway, Here are some pics from today:

Mom, Carma, & Linda

Julie, Carma, Linda

Mom, Carma, Linda & Julie

Ethel n Shirley gettin' some taco's!

Seasoned Saints group Photo
I love every one of these guys

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