Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rip off

So today Sara and I decided to try out the new cafe on Broadway street. Well, we went in there n it wasnt at all what we expected. When you see the word cafe it usually conjures images of coffee and pastries etc. Well we went in there and it was basically a country diner.; country decor, white walls, and all food food; oh and... regular coffee.
What a bummer.
Well, being the nice people that we are we took a seat and stayed anyway. We ordered our drinks(iced tea) and took a look at the menu. Which was on plain white printer paper by the way. We took a drink of our tea and suprise suprise, its instant tea. ick.
We didnt let the instant tea thwart us though, it wasnt really that bad. So we ordered our food. I got a veal and Sara got a turkey sandwich.
My veal wasnt that bad. It was a lil thick and didnt have enough salt but all in all it was fine.
Saras turkey sandwich didnt have whole slices of deli turkey on it. Nope, it was PIECES of turkey. It was like they took the turkey that was going in the salad and stacked them in a sandwich.
The macaroni salad that I had with my veal was HORRIBLE. It didnt taste like anything. It was like plain macaroni, cooked with a tiny pit of mayo. There was no pickles, onions, nothing.
The only really good thing we ate was the carrot cake. It was actually really good.
So by this time we're both like, eh it wasnt that bad really. A few no no's here and there....
until we got our bill.

When Sara had ordered the lady asked her if she wanted turkey or wheat bread n she said wheat, and she also asked her if she wanted cheese on it. she said yeah.
Well, as it turns out, they CHARGED HER 1.65 for the wheat bread and another 1.65 for the cheese, PLUS the regular meal price. So she basically paid like 13 dollars for her turkey sandwich, 1/4 a dill pickle chips(out of a bag put on a plate) and carrot cake.
We were like ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! They charged for wheat bread and cheese. And it wasnt even posted on the menu r anything. I mean she couldve bought a whole LOAF of bread for that price. Plus the lady asked her n gave her a choice u know. She didnt know I'd be an extra 1.65
I ended up paying 10.24 for my meal because they charged me 1.65 for the onion i had on it and 1.65 for the pickles. I was like WHAT IN THE WORLD!!
So my veal meal which came with the macaroni salad and drink plus the cake was 10.24.
We were livid.
I mean none of that stuff they charged us for they never even had posted they would charge us for. Rediculous
Needless to say, we're never going back.
Next time we'll just take Wendy's