Thursday, October 14, 2010

Art Auction

My 2D Foundations Class was cancelled (but the note on the door said we could still work on our projects there if we needed to) today so I made use of my extra time by checking out the Art Auction that they're doing this week to raise some money for something (I feel really bad but I honestly don't remember, it was art related). Its kind of neat. They have some different student and faculty art up in the 2nd floor of the VR Art Building and you can just go in and look at everything and if you want to bid on something you just put your name down and how much you want to bid on the sheet beside the work of art you'll see what I'm talking about.
Here were some of my favs (sorry for the picture quality, all I had was my phone)

The Zelephant. I thought this was adorable. I totally would have bid on it if I had any money; but alas, I have very little right now.

I thought this was really cool. I love the grunge city stuff.

This was my favorite of the Photographs. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was another painting that I liked but it was a lil too inappropriate for my blog.