Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shopping & the Hibatchi Experience

Well, today was a really good day!
I went shopping in Parkersburg with Michelle, Amy, Sara, Dana, and Abby. We had so much fun!
Now, I'll admit it did get off to a depressing start with all of the snow, but we made it through and chugged on down to Pburg in Michelle's honkin' Excursion.
As soon as we got down there we stopped at Crafts 2000 and Gabriel's. Michelle wanted to go get some paper lanterns for the upcoming VBS (Pandamania). She found some very nice ones and even some HUGE ones. I'm excited to see how it all comes together.

After the quick stops, we decided that it was time to eat. We decided to stop at the Hibachi Grill - per the janitor @ The Rock's advice.
We DEFINITELY didn't leave unhappy.
It was a pretty nice place, and not very expensive at all. They had the normal Chinese buffet stuff - buts spiced up! They also had a little sushi section and a grill section (think Mongolian BBQ) We decided to try our hand at the grilled goodness and assembled our meat n' toppings for the great Chef Pierre to prepare for us.
Chef Pierre was wonderful, let me tell ya. He really knew what he was doing. He rattled off all the sauces like he does it about 8 million times a day (and he probably does!) and he suggested his favorite blend. Well, I didn't really know which one to get because I'd never had any of them before, so I went with his recommendation. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED, people. It was FANTASTIC. His special blend of house spices will light up your taste buds; but the suggested sweet sauce really made the dish.
 It was a nice blend of sweetness but had a wonderful little bite of zingy spice - but not too spicy. It was just right. I definitely went back for seconds and had a little chat with Pierre about how good it was. He was very helpful with his food tips and even encouraged me try the sauce raw to get the full experience of it.  A chef that does that, REALLY cares about his food.
 Now, you may be asking yourselves - Hannah, how can I find this wonderful Chef Pierre fellow? Well, just stop in at the Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet in Vienna, WV (basically Parkersburg) and look for the fine young man pictured here. He's best chef you could ask for, polite, and also knows his stuff! Ask him to recommend you something from the grill. You definitely won't be disappointed. He's not wearing that coat for nothing!
(No, he did not pay me to write this. haha)

Thanks Chef Pierre, for wowing my taste buds and giving me the real Hibachi experience!

Yep, and after that we basically tromped around in the Pburg mall buying stuff.
Good times, right?

Oh and LOOOOKKK @ this cute little coffee cup I got from TJ Maxx!

We got alot of sweet stuff today.
(I hope Michelle posts pics of her cake stand. Its super cute!)

I hope your day was just as fun as mine!


Michelle said...

What a great day we had. Gotta go back in March to use our free $$$$.

Hanner said...

I know! Im stoked!