Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Here is one of the AMAZING cookies that Chelsea made for our science project.

We made little sun cookies because our project was on alternatives for oil, and the one that we thought would be the most promising was solar energy. We had to have something to "engage our viewers and help them actively learn the topic" and we came up with the sun cookies.
Yeah, we are cheesy people. haha.
But seriously guys,
good food=good grades!

We presented our topic n stuff today and the cookies were a HUGE hit, needless to say. We had alot left because Chelsea made a ton, so we gave them to people in our next period class too.
It was a good time.

Although I have to say, about the presenting, some people in my class were taking the whole going around to people stations and evaluating stuff WAY too seriously. I went on my whole spiel about the pros and cons of different alternative energy types and tried to spice it up with a lil bit of cheesy, a little bit of jokes (thats how I roll); and some of the people I was talking to just looked at me, not even chuckling at my jokes; and I KNOW it wasn't because my jokes weren't funny. haha.
 I know, I know, its college and people want to do well. Yeah, I get that, but that doesnt mean that you have to become a stick in the mud when you walk in the door, especially just doing what we were. Come there to learn, but have fun doing it (even if its in your own little way, like doodling). Youd be suprised how much more youd learn. Now Im not saying you should just go to class and goof off, im saying you need to change how you think about the class. Even if it feels like you just got sent to prison for 5 hours, make the best of it.

Another thing I noticed (in other peoples presentations) is that people seem to not know how to paraphrase.
When you have your backboard all laid out with info and such, ideally youre not gonna have a small thesis paper on there, just a few paragraphs giving the basics. The same goes for your presentation. Please dont make me listen to you read your board to me, I can do that myself. Demonstrate that you know the information by glancing at your board once in a while but being able to tell me what your topic was about without reading me a book. Its easier on my attention span, and lets me know for certain that you actually know the information and what you're talking about. Take my advise people, please!

Yep, that was pretty much how science went. Tomorrow is all set up for a fun day of clothes shopping.
I, for one, am STOKED.