Monday, March 28, 2011

And The Heavens Parted...


Good news!

I get to go shopping on Wednesday after all!

As it so happens, this other girl in my class and I have the same topic to do our science presentation on. We had NO idea until today that this had happened so we went to the professor to see if it was ok.
It was not ok.
We were only supposed to have one of each topic per class. Somehow he put two topics in our class.
He told us that we will have to get together and make sure we each cover different aspects of the topics in our PowerPoint presentations and that we wouldn't have to present till this coming Monday.

The clouds parted and a heavenly chorus broke out in a number from  Handel's Messiah*

I was like FLIP YEAH!
I had to hold back a fist pump. haha
So that means that I wont be left behind after all!
I can still go shopping with my ladies!!!!!

On the down side, now I have to make sure I'm doing everything that Ariel is not. Which will probably mean more work, but its SO worth it if I get to shop.
Half off day at Ohio Thrift only comes once a month, you know.

Oh, and don't worry, I'll definitely post pics from our day.
Im excited.

*this didnt happen... OR DID IT ??!