Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chill Day

Today was a really fun day(and so sunny and beautiful). Nathan and I headed out to Chillicothe to check out the B&B Works event. We had a grand ol time on the way: me singing songs at the top of my lungs, Nathan looking embarrassed to know me. haha.
Anyway, when we were almost to Chilli, Michelle called me and wanted to see if I was coming to Chilli. WHAT A COINCIDENCE.
She, Amy, and the kids were already perusing Hobby Lobby and wanted to see if I wanted to go eat with them. We heartily accepted.
So we all went to Steak n Shake for some eats.
Michelle was excited to be there, as this picture demonstrates:
Abby obviously didn't share her mothers enthusiasm for the Steak n Shake hat.

So, we ate our various assortments of fatty foods and had a grand ol time. We even made the kids meal car.

Shake Guy is stoked to have such a classy vehicle, for sure.

Nathan didn't finish his tenders, and he didn't have a napkin, so we made use of the car. (Mr. Tender took over the joint. That'll teach you to turn your back Shake Guy.)

After we parted ways(for about 2 minutes!) we went to B&B Works.
They were having this deal where if you buy any signature collection item you got a free tote and a bottle of their preview spring lotion Country Chic. I didn't think the new scent smelled too bad. It was light and flowery, not normally my type of scent, but I like free things. So I got the bag with a shower gel and a scented oil for my Scentbug and also took advantage of their 7 for $20 soap deal on behalf of my parents. Good times, Good times.

After getting my deals at B&B Works I decided to go by Claire's to see if they had their 10 for 10 deal. They did, and we went inside. What I found was SOOO much more exciting. Not only did they have 10 for 10, they had alot of bags, scarves and such for like 75% off. I got a lot of different stuff(mostly for eBay) and I only spent a dollar on each thing! CHA CHING!!
Here's a bit of a snapshot of what I purchased:

I also found a cute lil pillowcase for my bed. For just $1!

Its 2 sided! Sweet!

Pst! If you're interested in any of this stuff you should check me out on eBay!

After the Claire's haul I stopped in at Hobby Lobby to look for a wreath for our door, per my moms request. I love Hobby Lobby they have the CUTEST stuff, I swear.
Here is some of the stuff we found:

Oh yes. A Dinosaur watering can. Gardening doesn't get much better than that, people.
(PST! this would go perfect with my GIVEAWAY *wink wink nudge nudge)
Also, a teapot!

I absolutely LOVE these plates & salt and pepper shakers. They're so artsy and I adore that color of blue(its the color of my room te he!).

Ladybug egg tray. HOW ADORABLE!

Ice Cream themed stuff! I smell Ice Cream Social Theme decor!!!!

(That's what she said)

This is a long tray but I couldn't hold it far enough away from me AND get a pic. GAHH MY SHORT ARMS *shakes fist

I saw this and I almost DIED:

Its a poster print, of cupcakes. I ADORE ADORE ADORE ADORE it. Its so cute! If I had my own house and everything I would SO do a kitchen design around this picture. I wrote down the artist name and stuff and I FULLY plan to buy this when I own my own home and redo my kitchen. Its done. The ideas were already churning as I stood and drooled at the poster. ha.
I'm pretty sure people thought I was crazy in there because I was like AWWWWWWWWWW!! out loud when I saw this. haha
(I also had a MUCH more embarrassing "out loud" slip that day, but I'm not posting about it because heck, kids read this blog!
If ya wanna know you'll just have to shoot me a message haha)

Anyway, so yes, that was pretty much my day with Nathan in Chilli. It was a good day.