Saturday, March 19, 2011

These Are My Obsessions (Obsessions)

To everyone who got the joke in the title to this post, you are my best friends. Everyone else, well, keep on reading.
Moving on. 
To conclude this week of joyous spring break I thought I'd make a list of "this weeks obsessions" (some of them have been beyond this week haha) and share them with you all. Enjoy!

1. Futurama
I have NO IDEA why I have never seen this show before. I always assumed it was super super dumb (it kind of is) but really its kinda clever. Social satire, I love it!(and the endless references to Star Trek)
Also, Dr. Zoidberg is my favorite character. He's a bit like Kevin on The Office.

2. iPod Touch
I would be lost without this now. Yes, I cant get Internet connection everywhere, but I really don't NEED it everywhere. I love getting on this beast and watching Netflix, Tweeting, and checking all the blog updates on Bloglovin. I also love how its so small I can take it everywhere like a cell phone and just put it in my pocket (unlike the iPad)
Basically, its the best thing ever.
Suck it, iPad.
Yes, I realize that since I do not have an iPad I cant REALLLY give a good rating as to how well I like it. Lets just say, alot of people in my life are obsessed with it and hearing about it day after day, well,  it grates on my nerves.

3. Netflix
I am obsessed with Netflix. I watch TV shows and movies online ALL the time. I also get the DVDs but much more of my time is dedicated to the films that are instantly available.

4. Bath and Body Works Shea It Isn't So Foot Cream
Those of you who know me pretty well, know that I am prone to dry feet. Its a curse I know. Well, in the last month or so B&B Works came out with a new design for their True Blue Spa line and in turn came out with deals on those said products. I got a small version of this cream as a free gift (coupon!) so I took it home and used the heck out of it.
Let me just say, my feet feel AMAZING and soft, even after I just put it on.
Fantastic stuff, go buy some!
5. Grape Crush
I have no idea what it is, but lately I have been DYING for Grape Crush. It is AMAZING. So grapey! So Good!
Naturally, I've been drinking it on and off all week.
Grape Pop Rules!