Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Special Thanks - To My Teachers!

Since I've started in college I've become more and more thankful that I had teachers in middle school, high school etc. who actually care about their students. They actually made the effort to teach us things that we would need later in life, not just slap a paper together for us to memorize, and then be gone. Yeah, I'm sure that some days they wanted to bang their heads against a wall, and throw in the towel altogether. But I'm glad they didn't give up on us. Its partly because of them that I'm succeeding in college (and I know that Paris is not a country. No, seriously. A girl thought that Paris and France were two separate countries, but that's neither here nor there.).

Thank you all! 

A special thank you to Mr. M - my high school world/honors history teacher.
I was the only one in my Civ & Lit class today who had read Oedipus Rex, and could tell the class about it. My professor was thoroughly impressed, and said I was lucky to have such a good teacher in high school.
Thanks for having us read it, and helping us to better understand it.
Who knew we would actually use it?! haha.


Diane and Chad said...

very nice...I hope your teachers get to see this:)

Hannah said...

me too!

Malia said...

it's great that you had some wonderful teachers!!

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