Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Yes, so I just got a major slap from reality today.
Finals are almost a week away.
Yep. The 12th is finals day for me.
It seems like I had WEEKS to go!

So I'm basically getting my bahookie in gear to get things done. I have a mathematics paper due this monday, a clay house to finish, and even more clay creations to glaze, as well as a portfolio to organize, civ & lit reading to finish, various other things to do- oh and go to classes.
All before the 12th!
Maybe I shouldn't procrastinate so much...
Nah, that couldnt be it!

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the week everyone - you know where I'm gonna be!

On a slightly lighter note I fully intend to show you all my clay creations when I get them all finito!
Get excited.