Monday, December 5, 2011

Day Sleeper

Posted by Gaylord Campbell

I am a nurse that works at a children’s hospital. Working at a children’s hospital is both rewarding and also at times very difficult. The rewards come when a sick child starts to feel better and gives you that certain smile or hug that really brightens your day. Other days you may have a child that no matter what you do they do not feel well enough to even talk with you. With the economy as bad as it has been lately, I decided to start working on the night shift. I make a lot more money working at night, and really the work load is a lot lighter. The children are mostly sleeping, and I just have to check on them regularly and make sure they have the right medicines at the right time. Other than that it is not too hard because the doctors come on the floor during the day, and all the procedure off our floor are usually scheduled during the day. Since I work at night, I have to sleep during the day. I was not very comfortable sleeping during the day at first because I was worried about someone trying to break into my house. So I contacted Best HOME SECURITY and got a security system for my house. Now I have peace of mind and don’t worry so much. And, I am getting a lot more sleep.