Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Join! Score 2 Packs of Pee Pads for $6 Shipped!

They are basically a daily deal site where you can find some awesome things on everything dog related!
Best of all, they are currently offering $5 credit when you sign up! (down from the previous $10 credit. poo.)

Using your sign up credit you can score todays amazing deal on puppy pee pads!
This is extra great if you're one of the lucky people who got new puppies for Christmas!

-$5 new sign up credit
=$6 Shipped for 6 large pads!
A $22 value!

*If you were lucky enough to get the initial $10 sign up credit then these will be just $1! Wowza!

They're also running this amazing deal on Quinoa Dog Cookies!

-$5 new sign up credit
=$20 Shipped!
A $50 value!

 *note that youre sign up discount wont be applied until the VERY END of checkout. So if you don't see your discount coming off, don't worry!