Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So, I'm a Little Jacked Up Right Now...

Yeah so I'm a little bit on the super tired yet super excited side of the bed today.
I'm not sure why. haha. Its just me.
So I'm going to tell ya'll a lil about how my week has been going so far.

First off...
This past week has been a bit banana's

I have about a million different things to do, and not a whole lot of time to do them it. I tend to over commit to things. You know, I'll see something I'd like to do, or someone will need something done, n I'm the suck up in the classroom that's jumping up n down n waving their hand saying "PICK MEEEEEEE!"
Yeah. That's me. 90% of the time. haha.
So naturally I end up really busy most of the time.
Somehow I still manage to get everything done (and done well, i might add. haha). I just freak out about it the whole time I'm doing it. 
I also have this bad habit of waiting until the last possible moment to do things. Especially things related to college.
No, seriously, I made up my presentation on a pioneer of photography at 5am the morning that it was due.
ROCKED my presentation by the way.
My professor said I did a good job, n that I got "really excited up there". 
So basically I probably looked and talked like a total freak from a combination of sleep deprivation and my love of history.


I've also been working my next Photography 2 class assignment, which is the Self Portrait/No Face.
Basically what we have to do is take self portraits, but we can't show our faces. So we have to get creative with how we show ourselves. Like, we can show our hands, feet, bodies, shadows, etc. Just not our full on face.
I'm pretty excited about it, but at the same time its been hard for me to do. I'm not as in control as I normally am when it comes to my photos, and it just makes me generally uncomfy. Which, its good to be that way sometimes. Thats what the prof is trying to get us to do, stretch ourselves and step out of the box.
I've actually shot all of the photos for this project already, I just havent printed them. Printing is the hardest part I think. I always want everything perfect, and with analog photography its not always going to be that way. I did take a few digital versions that you can see.
I like to get siilllayyy :)
Also. Consider this your POD.
I've also been working on a project for my Creative Process class. We were given an assignment that involved these cards that we picked at random out of a box. We had to take at least two of the things on those cards and combine them together and do a drawing. The cards that I got were super super lame. They were, a deck of cards, a bat, and a paint splattered hand. I racked my brain trying to figure out how any of these things had ANYTHING in common with each other. Then I thought about a deck of cards and paint, and how in Alice in Wonderland the cards were painting the roses red. So I basically did that, but made the deck of cards, bats. This is pretty much what I have so far.

yay Instagram photo!!

I'm kind of excited about it actually. Its not finished, obviously, but its coming a long.

But yeah, that's been my week so far!
I hope you are all having a pretty good week as well!

(Sorry for this post being a bit rambly. haha)