Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pin It Wednesday 5/16

Welcome to Pin it Wednesday!

I've made some changes to the normal PIW I do every week (besides the fancy new banner).
I decided that I wanted  to make this into a link up, so that way you all can link up their Pinterest favs as well! 

So naturally, I would LOVVVVEEEE it if you linked up!
I want to see all of the great things you've found on Pinterest this week!
There's really no rules, just link up some of your Pinterest favs, and follow your fellow link upers on Pinterest!

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Well, without further ado, here's Pin it Wednesday!!
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I really love this wedding cake! I wonder how they made it all shiny?

I think this is a really simple, but neat idea! And you could use it for more than just a weddin'.

I flippin' love these tags!

Pina Colada Cupcakes!
These sound SUPER yummy!

Such a simple, sweet idea!
I also think this would be great for a rubber ducky baby shower!

I adore this Audrey Hepburn painting!

Baby wipe box = on the go crayon case!

Well, those are my favorite pins for PIW this week!
Now, link up yours!