Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rosemary Garlic Chicken - Slacker Style!

So today I wanted to make some super awesome & delicious dinner for mi familia. Sadly I lacked the proper ingredients to make what I really wanted. Then I remembered, I still had the Kraft First Taste Rosemary and Roasted Garlic Mix that I got for free as a Kraft First Taste member (by the way, you should TOTALLY join up. They always give out coupons, and sneak peeks into up and coming products).
So I decided to dig that out, and give it a try!

So that's why I call it Slacker Style. The work was basically done for me. This barely qualifies as a recipe at all. haha. But come along on the journey with me anyway!

Here are a few things that you're gonna need for your journey to flavor explosion.

Chicken. I used Quarters(Leg & Thigh), although I would normally recommend breasts, but since I didn't have any(chicken breasts, that is.) I didn't use it.

Kraft Fresh Take Rosemary & Roaster Garlic Recipe.(Tip: Don't look for this by the Shake n Bake. It's not there, its by the shredded cheese. I know, right? It blew my mind too.)

Italian Seasoning from Rite Aid ( I just added this for a lil bit more zing.)

Garlic Powder (again. zing.)

Baking Dish

1 Gallon Ziploc Bag

Now that you have all your ingredients, you're gonna want to get a baking dish of some sort, and line it with foil (or spray it with cooking spray) I personally use foil because it makes clean up easier.

Now you get your chicken out and get it ready to add to the mix. 

You then want to open the bag of Fresh Take mix and make sure the cheese and seasoning are mixed evenly, and add any other goodies that you want - like the garlic powder etc.

Once you get everything mixed the way you want it, then you're ready for the chicken.  Get out your gallon Ziploc bag and put the Fresh Take mix in that. 
I know what you're thinking. Wait. Doesn't the Fresh Take kit come with a bag? Yes. It does. But its not that big. I had the quarter piece in and it wouldn't even seal. So. I recommend using the gallon bag.

Once you get the mix in your gallon bag, add the chicken and shake it up until its coated pretty well.
Rinse and repeat, for all of the chicken you're cooking.

Now, just lay them in your baking dish, and you're ready to bake!
If you have any extra mix left, I would just scatter it on top. 

Then put it in the oven (set on 350-400 degrees) for 1.5-2 hours or until chicken is falling off the bone so to speak

And once that timer goes "ding" you'll have yourself a super delicious, super easy to make, feast!
So what if you're a slacker n used a mix? Its still SUPER good.
Trust me.

*I would also recommend quartering some new potato's and baking them with the chicken. I'm sure that it would be FANTASTIC.